Apparent Suicide By 20-Year-Old Robinhood Trader Who Saw A Negative $730,000

Recently I came across this video and article. It immediately made me think about the scriptures. I immediately thought about the scriptures on greed and the scriptures on loving your family more than Christ.

What was going on in his life, in his mind, why was he so fragile to literally give his life away so fast, by throwing it in front of a train? Our God tells us that perfect love cast out all fear, so if he was fearful enough to kill himself over this instead of facing his fears, is it safe to conclude that he was too fearful to face God to ask for forgiveness, that he didn't have God's perfect love that we attain through Christ?

If he was that fearful, then what were the consequences of his actions after meeting his maker? In all actuality it was not fear so much, but pride...pride that wouldn't allow him to face his faults that he thought he made.

How is it that Robinhood is immediately looking into making changes, yet with specific groups of people change is hard to come by, reparations are hard to come by? For many they have not committed suicide, yet there is no change from the ones who drive them to want to commit suicide. Why is this? Because of the love of money. It effects those who love it and have it, and those who love it, but don't have it. For it is the LOVE, not money itself, but the LOVE of money that is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

This is what happens when you put money above the Lord Jesus kill yourself over a glitch.


 The family of a 20-year-old student says he died by suicide after confusion over an apparent negative balance of $730,000 on his Robinhood account. Now they are demanding answers from the millennial-focused trading app.

Alexander Kearns, who was using Robinhood to trade complex options instruments, was found dead on June 12, according to local authorities in Plainfield, Illinois. His death is being treated as a suicide, according to the family and Robinhood. It isn't clear what factors contributed to his death.