Proof The Rothschild's Purchased Jerusalem

There is a massive conspiracy that has been going on for years. The conspiracy that Israel became a nation in 1947-48. I truly believe to better understand the current present and the future, one must go back to the past. After all, isn't the current present and the future a result of decisions and actions that were made in the past? I believe this is also important in understanding bible prophecy. If I could prove this to you would it change your mind in regards to some things you have been improperly taught? What if I could give you not only this strong piece of evidence, but mounds of it? Would you believe the uncomfortable truth...or would you continue to believe the comfortable lie?



One of the articles within is headed: "Jerusalem" with the text beginning: "There is a report that the Rothschilds have purchased Jerusalem! We see nothing improbable that, in the pecuniary distress of the sultan..." with more, & ending with: "...The sultan is in great difficulty--Baron Rothschild was proceeding to Constantinople & a second rebuilding of the temple is not among the most strange things expected in these strange times, by some of the Jews." (see).

Among the other reports in this issue are: "Washington Monument" "Locomotive Carriages" "Texas" "Mexico--Total Abolition of Slavery" and much more.
Sixteen pages, measures about 6 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches with minor foxing, generally in nice condition.
This small size newspaper began in 1811 and was a prime source for national political news of the first half of the19th century.


This 1829 article exposes the fact that William E Blackstone (born in 1841) or Theodore Herzl (born in 1860) were not in any way, shape or form – the originators to “gather a large nation” and/or “re-building of the temple“, as the “narrative” goes.



Just the 1829 wording of connecting “Rothschild“, “Jerusalem“,”gather a large nation“, and “re-building of the temple” throws any and all previous held ideas of some sort of “miraculous thing” out the window. Obviously this has been percolating for quite some time. Finally the author of the above 1829 article, Hezekiah Niles, describes the 1829 time period as “these strange times“. One can only wonder what was really happening back then that somehow was never conveyed in the history books.

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