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The 400 Year Captivity DEBUNKED

Many videos have been made on the 400 year captivity being over in either 2019 or 2020. While I do believe the prophecy of 400 years of captivity, I do not agree with the way that it is taught by the majority today. In this video we make the argument from scripture that there is another captivity coming for Israel and that the 400 year captivity is for a specific group and for a specific purpose.


This is the fourth video on this topic that we have done at this ministry. Below the video are the previous videos we have done. Please take the time to watch them, especially the longer one, which goes more in depth and proves from the scriptures that there is another captivity coming, a captivity far worse than anything that the world or Israel has seen. 



Here is one of the videos on this topic that goes deep into scriptures proving that America is not Israel final captivity.