The Power Of The P...Yes That P...

As a pastor and as a man in general that hates to be ignorant, I try to be knowledgeable in every area, even if it doesn't specifically pertain to me. I realized that even though something may not specifically pertain to each individual person, it still pertains to us indirectly. I don't have periods, therefore a period doesn't apply to me specifically having to deal with them in my own body, but they still pertain to me indirectly. I'm not being nasty, but just having a mature conversation with those who can handle meat and just being real and using this point to emphasize my point.
When I was lost and out here fornicating with my ex fiancé and many others before and after her, I knew her period, my fiancé that is, better than she did. In fact, she would ask me when she was about to come off her period or if she was late, because I knew it better than her.
So you are obviously wondering...why in the world as a man did you need or want to know that information? Well, because my mind thinks differently. I am as unique as my name. I needed and wanted to know her period because I wanted to have sex. If I knew when her period was and the cycle of it, then I knew when I was going to get more sex and how long I had to wait. Having that knowledge also allowed me to sleep with other women on the side if I chose to, and at times unrighteously I did. This allowed me to prepare, because I understand how the female body works around that time period of coming off of the period. It allowed me to prepare myself to break her off as a sign of you are mine and your not going to get what I can offer from anybody else. A king establishes his dominion, so I had to make sure I established my dominion, so that she had no reason to want to look anywhere else.
There were other spiritual factors that caused us to split, but sex was not one of them. In the process of this all, I learned more about the female body. I learned about the clitoris more and what women think of it...if you know you know. Because I had this knowledge I was able to take full advantage of it, unrighteously at the time. As you hear me say all the time, knowledge is powerful, but what you do with that knowledge is even more powerful. So I took that knowledge and I did things with it, that left females in awe, because they at first didn't expect me to know what I knew and most men either didn't know what I know or they didn't know how to use it. So I ended up being the guy that females called instead of the others, because I knew what I was doing and how to accomplish the goals they desired in sex.
Fast forward, I am now married with two children. Has that knowledge helped me in my marriage? Absolutely, it has helped from a sexual standpoint and from an intellectual standpoint. My wife and I can have conversations about the female body, periods, and so much more. The knowledge I have gives her more confidence that I understand her and that I actually care because I still take the time to learn on my own and have conversations about female stuff, not just periods.
I know more now than back then, but it's not so much knowing more, but I understand more. Back then I was using the knowledge that I had unrighteously, but now I use that knowledge righteously, as I am doing with this blog. There is a difference in learning about something in unrighteousness, than learning about it in righteousness, but if you never compare the two, then how can you truly know what is the right way to use the knowledge that you have gained. For knowledge and wisdom itself will tell you, implore you, demand that you do this, judging right from wrong, and the consequences of each.
Let me say this before I make my next point. I am a pastor and many people question this, not because they truly are inquiring, but to mock...just as they did Christ. Many Pharisees in Christ day questioned his authority, even stating, is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas? So with the same spirit people say, how can this guy be a pastor. Why can't I be a pastor? Because I don't talk or carry myself like the black gate keepers you have been bewitched by all your life? Because you don't see me with a building with listeners, yet my ministry reaches all over the world, has over 8k followers on one platform and averages a nice portion of listeners on every sermon. Just as my master before me, many followed him, but few truly listened to him. The people that call me their pastor, I didn't make them call me their pastor, they themselves started calling me their pastor...because that's who they see me as. They themselves of their own free will are my seal of pastorship. Secondly, I have a wife and two children. If nobody ever followed my ministry, nor called me their pastor, I am still a pastor because I pastor my family.
It's crazy though, that as a pastor people look at you sideways if you speak on these things, yet they don't say anything about the racist history of the modern gynecology system, that is based on vile experiments and torture done to black women by James Marion Sims, who is known as the "modern father of gynecology". Because I have this knowledge and understanding not only in this field I am able to have conversations with people that most people wouldn't be able to have. To catch different types of fish you need different types of bait, because different fish like different types of bait. If you don't have the knowledge of what type of bait to use, then you will always look over at the next person and wonder how do they keep catching so many fish? Also, what type and quality of fish is a person catching? A person may be catching a lot of fish, but are the fish contaminated?
There is a reason wild caught salmon is more expensive, even more expensive than farm raised and not simply because of market manipulation as with so many things. Salmon are high quality fish, but do you have the knowledge to catch them and endure the conditions to get this fish and other high quality fish? We are at a point where Jesus is drawing all fish, quality and non quality. It doesn't mean he is going to eat the contaminated fish...but they can still be used for something and serve a purpose, just as old plastic can be recycled and given new life as a part of a new product.
There is a reason Jesus said be fishers of men...and women.