The Parable Of The Three Men

There were three men. One made a honest living at Burger King, the other was a black street hustler, and the third was a highly liked Pastor. The man who worked at Burger King was a born again Christian, who worked at BK because it was all that was available to him at the time. The street hustler wanted the fast money and fast life. He claimed that he believed in Jesus Christ. He even help the kids, elderly in the community, and other works. The Pastor was a man who had it all. The house, cars, ministry, respect, and seemingly the anointing of God. He could quote the bible day or night, and preach the walls off a building. One day at Burger King, all three men were in there, seemingly not knowing each other. The Burger King employee was on break, the street hustler was ordering, and the Pastor was sitting down eating his food. Three beautiful sisters walked in that got everybody's attention, but one stood out from the rest. The street hustler slid over and did his thing, trying to pull the sister that stood out the most. After failing, he continued to try with persistence. This got the attention of the Pastor who stood up. He brought a thundering voice that made everybody listen, scriptures and strong rebuke on the street hustler who was now also listening attentively to the Pastor. The surrounding people applauded, with numerous amens and adulations given to the Pastor. The Pastor was so quick to rise up to the occasion that he failed to realize the street hustler recognized him. As the street hustler began to open his mouth toward the Pastor, the Burger King employee, who was on break, stepped forward and spoke. He first addressed the women and apologized. Next he addressed the street hustler, giving him a testimony of how he used to be like him. After, he turned with eyes a flame of fire and ripped into the Pastor like nobody had ever done before. The Pastor, street hustler and the surrounding people were floored. The Pastor in his haste responded with, "Do you know who I am??!! Who do you think your talking to??!!" The Pastor continued to spit out all these accolades, scriptures, and it seemed he tore the Burger King employee an even newer one. All the while the street hustler watching and listening intently. The street hustler again moved to speak, but the BK employee spoke again. He said, I know exactly who you are. Your my biological father and I'm your son who you neglected to take care of. He told a story of how his mother attended a church and was taken advantage of. The Pastor had sexual relations with his mother by forcing himself on her, resulting in a child. It was of course covered up by the Pastor and those that knew. The child was the BK employee. The Pastor was shocked, but he laughed it off, mocked, and again pointed to himself stating, "Do you know who I am?" I'm a well respected man of God and your slanderous remarks are going to cost you dearly. You have no proof to support these ludicrous claims!" As the BK employee was about to again speak, a lady from the crowd stepped forward: it was the employees mother who had just dropped her son off for work. She then confirmed the story, with the Pastor only calling her a liar and no evidence to support this. The street hustler finally spoke saying, "Hey, I know you. You make me so proud." Everybody looked in confusion to his statement. The street hustler pulled his hood off his head and removed his hat. The street hustler's eyes and the Pastor's eyes locked, like the barrel of a gun at point blank range on its target. The Pastors eyes widened like he had just seen hell itself open and saw the devil himself. The Pastor stumbled for words, claiming they were all lies, as he stumbled for the door. As he reached for his keys in his pocket they fell to the ground, bringing with them the contents of his pocket. Out fell a pen, a money clip, and as time seemed to slow down, the sun rays of the sun glistened perfectly off the plastic that was about to hit the floor: it was a bag of marijuana that sounded like an atomic bomb going off as it softly and quietly landed on the floor. The surrounding crowd was in shock as the Pastor left the parking lot sideways in his 2016 BMW 760. The BK employee then addressed the crowd with scriptures and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He told them, it wasn't a matter of the Pastor sinning, because we have all sinned. It was the matter of the Pastor taking the blood of Jesus Christ as a license to sin and deliberately living a hypocritical lifestyle. He told them to judge righteously according to the word of God, try the spirits, and read the KJV. The three sisters came and thanked him, and then the most beautiful of the three spoke with him on spiritual matters to the side. As they did this the street hustler was putting his hat back on, pulling his hoodie back over his head, and heading toward the door. The employee called out to him as he and the woman walked toward him. The street hustler looked up slowly at them and said, "It's your spirit that makes you such a beautiful woman. I know both of you too. In fact I know everybody in here." His eyes locked eyes with theirs, stopping them dead in their tracks. He smiled a sinister smile and said, "That was fun huh?!! It was his time. He's already mine anyway, but you two...I almost had you before, but you got away to be saved. I'll catch you on the battlefield again, but I must get back to work as you know so well." The street hustler left out the building as the employee and woman stared at each other. Thinking and saying the same thing at the same time...."THE DEVIL!!!" They looked to where the street hustler had parked his car, but instead of a street hustler, a well dressed, white businessman looked back at them smiling, as he slid into the vehicle.

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