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If your looking for a large Godly spiritual buffet to eat from, then we have what you need. We have videos ranging from milk to meat listed here. Enjoy, dine, and give ALL glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.  

You Must Keep The Sabbath? - October 2016

You Better Pay Your Tithes...Or Else - October 2016

What You Need To Know About The American Flag And The Pledge Of Allegiance - October 2016

Day By Day Renewing - October 2016

NESARA/GESARA Update - October 2016

Don't Call His Name Jesus...Part 3 - September 2016

Don't Call His Name Jesus...Part 2 - September 2016

Don't Call His Name Jesus...Part 1 - September 2016

CRISPR Clinical Trials Go Live - Time Is Almost Up - September 2016

Should We Keep God's Commandments And Why - August 2016

U.N. To Change Term For Arrival Of AntiChrist - August 2016

What Is Repentance - August 2016

Does Water Baptism Save You - August 2016

CRISPR Update - August 2016

Is The New World Order Real? You Decide For Yourself - August 2016

Speaking In Tongues - August 2016

Flat Earth - A Biblical Perspective - August 2016

What If There Was No Pre Trib Catching Away? - July 2016

God Delivers From Temptation - July 2016

Falling, Falling, Falling Away - July 2016

Be Saved Are Saved - June 2016

They Love To Hate - June 2016

Is Jesus Really God And Did He Claim To Be? - June 2016

Everything You Need To Know About NESARA As A Christian - June 2016

Fire After The Rain - The Movie - June 2016

America's Secret Destiny - Riddles In Stone - May 2016

Trans-humanism - You've Been Warned - May 2016

The Catching Away Vs The Second Coming - May 2016

He Ditched His Wallet For A RFID Chip - May 2016

America's Secret Destiny - Mystery Babylon - May 2016

Defeated In Battle - Who's The Real Enemy? - May 2016

Living For The Lord - Episode 1 - May 2016

What You Need To Know About CRISPR - April 2016

Church - Lady Rho Music Video - February 2016


The Truth About Truthers

The Lost And Found

The Man Trapped In The Septic Tank

The Vatican And E.T. - Alien Gospel

The Vatican And E.T. - Portals The Vatican And E.T. - Pope Paving The Way T

he Vatican And E.T. - NWO And Goals

The Vatican And E.T. - Chimera And Other Weird Creatures

The Divinity Of Jesus Christ - Did He Claim To Be God?

Grits, Gravy, Pasta Sauce - Stirring Up The Gift

A Simple Look At Tithing

Don't Take The Mark - Time Is Almost Up

The Image Of The Beast

Terrifying Sinkholes

Know Your Enemy

Spiritual Silence - A Spoken Word Piece

What Happens When A Christian Is Born Again?

Are You Good Enough To Make It To Heaven?

Are Bible Version Relevant To Salvation?

Strong Delusion

Take A Ride With Me - Where Is The Truth?

Hardcore, Jaw Dropping, Soul Searching Preaching On Hell

Works Salvation Delusion

So You Think Hell Is A Joke??!!

Hebrews 6 - A Deeper Look

The Doctrine Of Doctrines - Is Doctrine That Important?

Hell Is Worse Than This. Please Repent And Believe The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Idol Worship

Self Love - Are You A Satanist?

Part 1 - Everything You Needed To Know About CERN

Part 2 - Everything You Needed To Know About CERN

Part 3 - Everything You Needed To Know About CERN

Part 4 - Everything You Needed To Know About CERN

Lake Of Fire, Hell, And The Bottomless Pit

Are We All God's Children?

Beyonce Satanic 7/11 Ritual Exposed

Death - 2016 Could Be Your Year

Don't Believe In The Microchip? Your Government Does

Quit Comparing Yourself To Others

Hellywood Actors Satanic Acting Methods

He Almost Sold His Soul To The Devil

Confessions Of A Rockerfeller - New World Order Edition

Kanye West Upside Down Shadow?

A Message To The LGBT Community

HIV Outbreak - How To Protect Yourself

Harsh Realities And Harsher Truths

The Lunch Crunch Truth

It's A Good Time To Be Alive


Blasphemy At It's Highest

Life's Trials And Tribulations

"Black" Racism

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Exposing Evil

Do You Feel Like I Feel?


Same Sex Marriage

Drake Exposed

False Images Of Christ

Sheep And The Goats

Part 1 - KJV Vs. All Other Bibles

Part 2 - KJV Vs. All Other Bibles

Part 3 - KJV Vs. All Other Bibles

Part 4 - KJV Vs. All Other Bibles

Lucifer Goes Prime Time

The Blood, The Precious Blood


Made In The Image Of God

God's Preserved word

Preaching To A Dying World

Paul Begley Exposed Part 1

Paul Begley Exposed Part 2

Spiritual Stalemate - No Fruit

Murderous Minds

Just Stik It

Armoring Up

Simple Truths

Love, In Love, Christ, In Christ

President Obama's View on The Bible

A Message To All Preachers, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets

Rapture Watchers - Most Are Not Going

The Day Of Christ Vs The Day Of The LORD

Just Kicking It As A Christian

Isaiah 6:8 - Who Will Go For Us

Are You Willing To Leave It All Behind?

Pretenders, Players, Sayers, And Fakers


Fake ISIS Beheading - Trust God Not Man

But God! But God!

Same Sex Marriage - The Real Agenda

Wheat And Tares - Devils In Disguise

Have You Ever Met God?

A Message From The Heart

Do You Believe And Trust God 100%

It's Hard But Is It Impossible?

Did Jesus Christ Lie?

What If I Told You?

Faith Building - Are You Lacking Faith?

Are you A Victim Or Victor?

Subliminal Messaging Is Real

Christ Lives!! REPENT

Doctrines Of Devils - Mary Was Sinless

Doctrines Of Devils - Prosperity Gospel

Doctrines Of Devils - Losing Your Salvation

Are We That Dumb?

Angry Witch Speaks Out About New World Order

Dead Children - A Hard Pill To Swallow 

Quick Sand

Hate Speech

Does Your Bible Have You Looking For God's Wrath?

Rethinking The Way We Think

Kim Davis - The Ecumenical Movement

Death - This Could Be Your Year

Prove Yourself, Prove Your Love

How Can You Lose Something In It's Right Place?

Shots Fired, Shots Fired

Irrational, Illogical, Hypocritical Thinking

How Many Doors Have You Opened?

Devils, Hell, Fire And Brimstone

If The Cross Ended In Failure

Satanic Pope Francis Shows Who He Truly Serves

Let's Talk About Sex

Star Of David Or Not?

Anti Semitism

If God Be For Us

A Message To "Blacks" About Christianity

New Age Bibles

Surrendering All To The Lord Jesus Christ

Have You Ever Seen The Power Of God?

Revelation 9 Locust - The Manticore

Are Races Biblical?

Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

A Message To Anybody That Has Ever Sinned

Getting To This Paper Chase

Crying Wolf

Eating Healthy For Jesus

Being Vigilant, Staying Focused, Spiritual Warfare

Facing Persecution As A Saint

Devils Are Real

Helix Nebula, CERN, Digital Single Market

The New World Order Lucifer is Coming

Examine Yourself, Examine Yourself Now

Origins Of Thanksgiving Origins Of Christmas

Proof Anti Christ Is Rising, About To Be Revealed

Louis Farrakhan - A Devil In Disguise?

Louis Farrakhan - Candidate Or The Anti Christ?

Denominations Or Truth

Slaves Obey Me?

1000% Proof The RFID Chip Is Real

Do you Want Your Family To Be Saved - You Must Have This

Gone But Not Forgotten

Don't Watch This Or Your Life Will Be Changed

Lebron James Exposed - Who's Team Does He Really Play For?

Standing In The Way

A Look Into Romans 12